Clinell UV Torch Kit

An innovative and effective tool that can help improve infection control procedures by evaluating the effectiveness of cleaning.

Customisable – The unique Clinell EvaluClean software system, delivered on a tablet, is completely customisable. Select the equipment and surfaces you wish to monitor from the existing database, or add new ones with the tablet camera. Choose whether to audit the room or specific items.

Assess – Use the fluorescent pens to mark equipment and surfaces and then record their location with the touch of a screen. Set reminders when to check the mark and use the torch to assess whether the invisible fluorescent gel has been cleaned away. Quickly and easily use the app to record the efficiency of the cleaning.

Report – Instantly view live reports, analyse by hospital, ward, room type or item.

The kit consists of:

  • A powerful UV torch
  • 2 x UV Pen Markers
  • UV Powder
  • Record data in the software
  • App for audit trails.